• Do you ship overseas? 

Unfortunately at the moment we only ship within the UK, but will do plan to ship Internationally in the future.

  • Why do you use Soy wax? 

Soy wax is 100% vegan and does not require any animal products. Soy wax also burns cleaner than paraffin wax with 90% less soot, and has the best scent throw for an all around great candle. 

  • Are your products Vegan?

Most of our products are 100% Vegan unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions about a product please email Mahecompanyltd@gmail.com

  • Do you have store?

We are an online store, but we do have stockist located in the Seychelles and Scotland. Check out our Instagram @Mahecandles for more details on where to find us!

  • I'm a blogger and would love to Collaborate who should I contact?

We love working with bloggers!

feel free to drop us a DM on @mahecandles or by completing our contact form